13 Questions to pull subject and improve your networking

13 Questions to pull subject and improve your networking

Networking is an art that relies heavily on your ability to pull conversation. If you?ve been in this situation, you know that uninteresting questions don?t help much in this task. The good news is that a new study showed which questions can replace the predictable ?what do you do?? and ?Where do you live??.

Scientists at the University of Arizona and Washington University in St. Louis, both in the United States, have investigated the differences between conversations of people considered happy and Unhappy ones.

The surprising relationship between happiness, networking and good ways to pull the subject

The survey was made with 79 participants who used a listening for four days ? and were recorded with this device a few times over this time. When analyzing more than 20000 recordings, the researchers identified which conversations were trivial ? the famous ?Spun Conversations? ? and which generated substantial discussions.

In this way, they found that the participants considered happier had twice the genuine conversations of the participants considered unhappy, plus a third of the amount of chitchat.

These findings, published in the scientific journal Psychological Science, suggest that superficial conversations do not build relationships ? and this also applies to networking. The researchers also related happiness to a social life and with profound conversations rather than superficial.

The 13 best questions to pull conversation and boost networking

If you are determined to banish the small talk of your relationships, especially those of work, keep an eye on these questions to pull conversation. The suggestions are from the Site:

  1. What?s your story?
  2. What is your current state of mind?
  3. What would make you so excited now?
  4. Which book have you influenced?
  5. What?s the most expensive item you?ve ever stolen? (This is more appropriate for personal conversations)
  6. If you could do anything you wanted today (anywhere, for any amount of money), what would you do and why?
  7. If you had the opportunity to meet someone you never met, who would be, why and what would you talk about?
  8. What?s the most important thing I should know about you?
  9. What do you value most, intelligence or common sense?
  10. What movie is your favorite guilty pleasure and why?
  11. You are trapped on a deserted island and can only take three items. What would you take?
  12. When and where were you happiest in your life?
  13. What force moves your life?