Conditioner Guide

Conditioner Guide

Learn how to use the essential product in the hair care routine

Using a good conditioner after washing the hair with the shampoo is the second step in the process of cleaning the wires to leave them disemdised, light, soft and with shine.

When we wash the hair with the shampoo, the wires are embarrassed because they are loaded with negative charges called anions. They are neutralized by the positive loads of the conditioner, the cations, which interact with the keratin of the hair so that the cuticles stay closed and, consequently, the wires have softness and luster.

See the step-by-step to take full advantage of your home conditioner with salon results.

1 ? Application

After rinding the shampoo foam, gently tighten the hair with your hands to remove excess water from the wires. Place small amounts of conditioner in the palm of your hands and distribute by length, especially at the ends, which are the most resected part. Go increasing the quantity gradually until you feel the wires completely involved.

PROFESSIONAL BEAUTY TIP: Do not apply conditioner to the hair root. This region is the first to receive the nourishment of natural oils coming from the scalp, before the length and ends. Using conditioner at the root can leave the hair heavy and oily.

2 ? Pause Time

Each conditioner has the specific pause time indicated on the label. Follow this statement to the letter for the formula to act correctly on the wires. It is no use to leave the product for longer to intensify its action, because each technology has the right time to act. In addition, exceeding the indicated period may have the opposite effect: the wires are at risk of oxidation and lose the brightness and softness.

The right time to untangle the hair is at the end of the pause time. Thats because the conditioner has already been able to loosen the wires and undo any nodes it gets much easier. To do this, use your fingers or a wide-toothed comb to prevent hair breakage. Another tip to prevent the wires from leaving is to comb them from the tips and climb to the length.

3 ? Rinse

After the pause time and have untangled the hair, rinse the wires very well with warm to cold water. It is worth massaging the scalp with your fingertips to ensure complete removal of conditioner residues that eventually have gone there. When the water runs crystalline and without small bubbles, the rinse has come to an end.

PROFESSIONAL BEAUTY TIP: Let the water drain through the hair without using the comb to accelerate the removal of the conditioner. This ensures the definition and control of the volume, especially in curly hair.