Does it hurt to put on gel nails?

Does it hurt to put on gel nails?

The gel nails when they are well applied do not harm the health because they do not damage the natural nails and are ideal for those who possess weak and brittle nails. Besides, it may even be the solution for those who have the habit of biting their nails, because the gel works as a protective cover.

To have beautiful gel nails and delicate and elegant hands it is necessary to go in the salon to improve its appearance, every 3 to 5 weeks, because the nails are growing, it is important to retouch the gel at the root of the nails.

The gel nails are made by applying a layer of gel itself to the nails on the original nail and then it is necessary to put your hands on a small device that emits ultraviolet light to dry. When dry can paint any color and not even the nail polish remover or acetone are able to remove the enamel from the gel nails.

Benefits and Disadvantages

Using gel nails makes your hands more beautiful and elegant, being always ready for every moment and neither the housework makes the enamel come out of the nails. Learn how to keep your nails strong and healthy.

In addition, when passing the nail polish remover The color does not come out, it can last between 3 to 5 weeks. However, the biggest disadvantage is that, as the nails grow, the gel needs to be replaced, requiring maintenance every month, making it expensive. Also, in case you have very long gel nails it becomes more difficult to perform some tasks.

Application technique

Before applying the gel that forms the nail should screw and cut the original nail in order to stay uniform and then you can paste some molds of each finger on the nail, if you want to make an extension on nails that are short.

Only after is that the gel nails are applied, placing over the original nail a gel, applying it also on top of the mould, if the person wishes to increase the length of the nail.

To dry the gel you must put your hands on a device with Violet or ledlightfor about 2 minutes. While the gel dries inside the appliance it is often felt a little pain, as if it were a sting, which is normal.

Only after the gel is dried is to be rescrewed to give the shape that is desired to the nail, can be round, square or with tip, should be careful to eliminate all the dust that comes out, to proceed to the next step.

Finally, you can paint the nails of the color that the person desires and apply adornures to taste and according to the occasion.

Can I put gel nails in the house?

Although there are products for applying gel nails at home, the effect is more beautiful when it is done in the beauty salon, since it is performed by professionals with experience.

However, it can be done at home, since there is the possibility of buying a complete kit of gel nails over the Internet. The kit contains the fornest, the gel, the enamel and the remover, coming with all the necessary instructions to make and remove the gel nails at home.

How to remove Gel nails

To remove the gel nails properly and safely you should return to the manicure so that it removes remove them with a product for this purpose.

Removing the gel nails at home, using acetone, nail polish remover, sanding the nail or with a spatula is contraindicated because it can impair the health of the nails and damage them, leaving them brittle and very weak.