Egyptian hair removal: Get to know the benefits and learn how it is done

Egyptian hair removal: Get to know the benefits and learn how it is done

Laser hair removal, with hot wax, cold wax, blade? are so many treatment options to get rid of the hairs that is common to hit the doubt: what is the most efficient way? Have you ever heard of depilation with line, also called Egyptian waxing? This technique, made with a cotton thread, does not harm the skin, has no contraindication and can be done in all parts of the body.

Benefits of Egyptian Waxing
? There is no contraindication;
? Does not harm the skin;
? Does not stain the skin;
? The hair takes longer to grow;
? Does not cause allergies;
? It can be done even if the person is in aesthetic treatment.

How is Egyptian waxing done?
Egyptian hair removal is made with a white cotton thread. This line is crossed in the hands of the professional, who will pulling the hairs that will be removed from the root.

Can Egyptian waxing be done in all parts of the body?
Yes, as long as the surface to be shaved is straight.

Is there any care after doing the Egyptian waxing?
It is not necessary to take any specific care after waxing and, the great advantage is that, unlike the other forms of depilation, the woman can go straight to the beach or pool.

Is there any downside to doing the Egyptian waxing?
Egyptian hair removal has only advantages for women.

Does Egyptian waxing hurt?
Like the other methods of waxing, the Egyptian also hurts, but everything will depend on the sensibility of the woman.

How long does Egyptian waxing last?
Once again, this varies according to the organism of each woman, but in general, the hairs take from 20 to 30 days to grow again.
Although it can be used in the whole body, Egyptian hair removal is mainly made to remove hair from the face, such as eyebrow and Buço.

How to make Egyptian hair removal
The most advisable is that you look for a professional to perform the procedure, but if you already have a certain type of experience, it is worth checking out how waxing is done and try to do at home if you feel comfortable.