Finalizer Guide

Finalizer Guide

Discover the best way to keep your hair protected and beautiful

Finalizer, as its name says, is the final touch after all the steps of hair treatment so that it is protected and with the look well cared for. Finalizers can have numerous functions: give volume, increase the brightness, control the frizz, keep the shape of the hairstyle, give end to the double ends... The utilities are many, each with a specific goal.

In addition to the various functionalities, they also exist in various textures: oils, serums, creams, sprays and liquids. The most important thing is that all hair types need the right finisher . More than enhancing beauty, they are also allies to preserve the health of the yarn.

How to choose the correct finalizer


The serums are the right options for fine hair because they do not leave the wires heavy and even more grating. With a fairly fluid texture without being liquid, they involve the capillary fiber without leaving the sticky feel and provide brightness and softness.

Finalizing Oils

The oils are the right versions for hair with frizz and dried. Rich in fatty acids, the components present in the natural oiliness produced by the scalp, the oils reinforce the hydrolipid barrier, responsible for maintaining the hydration and the closed cuticles, action that leaves the wires softer and smoother, with Glow and less creepy.

Thermal Protector

These cosmetics have been developed so that the wires are not damaged during the use of the dryer and flat iron and preserve the fiber from the high temperatures. All versions of thermal protectors, whether liquid, creamy or oil, can be used before brushing and followed by the plank.

However, if you do not brush the hair without brushing it with the dryer before, do not use versions containing water in the composition, such as the liquid cream and spray finalizers. The first condition to use the flat iron without weaking the wires is with the hair 100% dry. In this case, prefer the finalizers in oil or serum.

Spray Fastener

They keep the wires in place, whether they are loose or trapped in a hairstyle, with different levels of fixation, of the lightweight, which allows the remodeling of the wires, to the extraforte, which leaves the hair intact for hours.

Its formula is elaborated with polymers that shield the strands of moisture, one of the great villains that cause frizz and deform the hairstyle, besides providing extra shine to the hair.

Tip Repairer

The tips of the wires are the most fragile and aged part of the hair. As time passes, they become more resected and can rupture, which we call double-pointed. Thinking of these problems, the repairers of tips fulfill the mission of restoring softness, sealing the parts that are loose and preventing them from being spied again. But remember: the tip repairer is even more effective with cutting the dots every 3 months.

Brightness Enhancer

For those who like a lot of luminosity, the brightness enhancers are the perfect finalizer ! In spray, fluid or oil versions, they form a film on the wires that keeps the cuticles perfectly aligned and sealed, condition that allows for the perfect reflection of the light.

Some versions are enriched with small particles of brightness, which make the effect even more radiant.

Capillary Sunscreen

Just like the skin, the hair also needs protection when exposed to the sun. The sunscreen protects the ultraviolet rays from causing the oxidation of the wires and, therefore, they cause the fading of the color, the frizz, the dryness and the rough. Many also protect from salt water and chlorine from the pool, indispensable in summer.

Hair Perfume

Who doesnt like to leave a fragrant veil coming from the wires? The perfumes for hair complement the version of some fragrances for the skin in versions specially elaborated for the capillary fiber: one of the major differences is the absence of alcohol not to cause dryness, in addition to ingredients that provide softness To touch.


Thin hair and grates are benefited by the volumers. These finalizers encourage the mingued wires from the root and maintain this structure throughout the day. The powdered versions are specific to be applied directly to the root or to short hairs to lift the wires. Liquid, mousse and cream are activated with a patterned brush to make the look even more bulky and moving.