Modeler Guide

Modeler Guide

Find out how to value the natural shape of your hair or change the styling

Hair Styler is the cosmetic that changes the natural shape of the wires temporarily with the use of assets ? polymers, acrylics, gums, salts, etc. ? that memorize the desired modelling for hours, be it smooth or curly, tidy or messy.

Available in different textures ? in spray, wax, ointment, gel, mousse and cream ?, the modelers confer different texture types and fixation levels to the wires.

Some stylers are thermoactivated, that is, they need the heat from the dryer or the flat iron to activate the desired shape. Each of them has a different use technique according to the desired effect on the hair. After choosing the ideal cosmetic, the second step is to follow the manufacturers advice of use to conquer a hair with the desired shape.

Find the difference between them and choose which is best for the desired look.

Curl Activator

The Curl activators accentuate the curved shape of the wavy and curly hair, in addition to keeping the wires with this modeling for longer. Liquids or in cream, the big difference compared to other modelers and finalizer is that the curl activator contains ingredients that memorize the curly shape from, mainly, the sealing of the cuticle of the wires, effect that protects from the frizz, gives Feeling of softness and shine to the hair.

How to use curl activator in hair

1 ? After washing and conditioning the hair, apply the comb cream indicated for curly and untangle the wires.

2 ? then place the equivalent of ½ coffee spoon (for short hair), 1 teaspoon (for medium hair) or 1 teaspoon (for long and bulky hair) of curl activator on the palm of the hands and knead the bottom-up mechs. Keep the mechs dented for a few seconds and release.

3 ? Allow to dry naturally or use the dryer with the diffuser to not undo the curls.

Ointment and Pasta

The ointments and pastes are the request for hair with frizz and that need lasting fixation throughout the day. While the ointment is made from oils and easily distributes through the wires to highlight cut cuts and create messy visuals with natural or inte shine NSO, the paste has a much more fluid consistency, type a cream, and with strong fixation for more tidy hairstyles and in place for hours.

How to use ointment and paste on hair

1 ? After washing the hair, remove excess water from the wires with the towel. Start with the equivalent of a pea and distribute the ointment/paste at your fingertips. Dont rub it in the palm of your hands.

2 ? Evenly distribute the hair in the direction of the yarn cut. If you think the amount wasnt enough, apply a little more. Thats the secret to giving control to the construction of the hairstyle and not leaving the look heavy.

3 ? Give the desired shape to the wires by hand in an irregular manner: Model mecha The Strand for a modern and stripped look, or use the comb or brush if the intention is a more aligned finish.


Wax is the option for those who like to change their look throughout the day, since it allows the remodeling of the wires with its flexible fixation. They also highlight the cut cuts, give natural glow when made from bee wax while the versions made with clay waxes absorb the oiliness with matte finish to the hairstyle.

How to use wax in hair

1 ? Apply the equivalent of a pea (for short hair) in the palm of your hands and rub each other to warm it. Start with little quantity to increase it if necessary. For a more aligned result, distribute in moist hair; For a misaligned and modern effect, use on the dry wires.

2 ? Put your hands all over your hair from the sides, the back of the neck and the front from bottom to top. This will be enough to leave all the wires completely wrapped by the cosmetic.

3 ? To finish, use your fingers to give the desired shape if it is more messy. Or, align the wires with a comb.


The gel is the ally of those who like hairstyles with the appearance intact. Available in the gelatinous and liquid versions, they have different levels of fixation that gives wet finish, hard appearance and high gloss.

How to use hair gel

1 ? After washing and conditioning the hair, place the equivalent of ½ coffee spoon (for short hair), 1 teaspoon (for medium hair) or 1 teaspoon (for long and bulky hair) of gel on the palm of the hands.

2-Distribute the damp wires evenly.

3 ? Model the way you want ? with comb or hands ? and let it dry naturally.


The mousse is the right choice for those who want to give more volume to the smooth or retrieve the curly shape of the wires. Available in the modeling and volume version, its texture in foam textured hair with frizz control and lasting structuring to the wires from the root, a wildcard for those who have fine hair.

How to use mousse in hair

1 ? Shake well before use. Then position the can with the tip facing downward towards the palm of the hand. Trigger the packaging pump quickly and gradually to release the mousse in a controlled manner.

2 ? for short hair, use the equivalent of a ping pong ball; For medium, the equivalent of a billiard ball; For long, the equivalent of a tennis ball.

For straight Hair

Distribute the mousse from the root in the moist hair towards the ends. Then throw it forward and dry the wires with the hot air jet from the head dryer. Turn the hair back and model the root with the dryer and the round brush facing into the wick to lift it.

For Curly Hair

Knead damp or dry curls with the mouse from bottom to top until the foam becomes unstructured. Then dry the wires with the diffuser to leave the curly more accentuated and without frizz.

Balm and Cream

The balms and creams bring together several benefits to the hair with fluid or creamy textures with the function of shaping the hair. Here, you find the ideal version for all hair types, whether they are curly, oily, fine or rebellious. They leave the wires with the desired shape, in addition to protect from frizz, give softness and shine.

How to use balm and cream on hair

1 ? Best results are achieved with the application in damp hair after washing: So, remove only excess water with the towel.

2 ? then place the equivalent of a small grape in the palm of the hands for short wires; For medium wires, the equivalent of an olive; And for the long, the equivalent of a walnut. Evenly distribute by length and ends.

3 ? Allow to dry naturally or use the dryer with the diffuser (curly) and do the brushing.

Temporary Straightener

The temporary straighters discipline the hair with frizz, reduce the volume and provide smooth effect until the next wash. Formulated with assets that align and conserve cuticles sealed for longer, most of them are thermoactivated, that is, they need the heat from the dryer and the flat iron to work. They are great for hair with progressive brush to conserve the result of the chemical process with brightness, full control of frizz and softness.

How to use temporary hair straightener

1 ? After washing and conditioning the hair with a proper line for hair with frizz or chemically treated, remove excess water from the wires with a towel.

2 ? for the cream versions, place the equivalent of a small grape in the palm of your hands for short hairs; To an olive for medium hair; And a walnut for long hair. For the sprays, 2 to 3 sprayed in short hair; 4 to 6 in medium hair; and 6 to 8 in the long ones.

3 ? Comb the hair still moist to ensure that all wires are involved equally. Do the brushing of the wires to dry them and follow with the board at 180 º C for blond or fragile hair or 230 º for the healthy.

Salt Spray

The salt sprays were thought to give the hair the look of the beach after a dip in the sea, in which the wires are naturally curled. With ingredients that texturize and leave the wires with the messy appearance, they give more volume and accentuate the naturally full shape of curly hair. Despite the name, they do not take the kitchen salt in its formulation precisely so as not to resect the wires.

How to use salt spray on hair

1 ? In clean and dry hair, sprinkle 2 to 3 times in the length of the short wires; From 4 to 6 in the medium; From 6 to 8 in the long.

2 ? for a more natural and messy look, knead the bottom-up with your hands. To accentuate even more, use the dryer with diffuser to make the look more marked.

3 ? For more charming waves, wrap the wires in a coke and let them dry so naturally or with the diffuser. Loosen your hair then.

A hair with beautiful and patterned appearance starts with care since washing.